Extension Setup: QuickBooks Merchant Services Integrated Payments

Hello! Let me firstly thank you for your purchase. I will try to make these instructions as
simplistic as possible but it will definitely will be something I'm constantly improving. If you
have any questions please contact me.

Installing the Magento Extension

Manual Extraction

Extract/Decompress the downloaded extension archive to your local machine
Connect to your web server (usually through an FTP client)
Create a folder named "EsteSolutions" under app/code (create the folder 'code' also if it doesn't exist)
Create another folder named "ManualCCPayment" under app/code/EsteSolutions
Transfer all the extension's files and folders to your web server under the folder /app/code/EsteSolutions/ManualCCPayment
You will now need to ssh onto your webserver to run the following command
From your Magento root (contains the folder app, lib as a reference) run the following two commands:
- "php bin/magento setup:upgrade"
- "php bin/magento cache:clean"