Extension Setup: Manual Credit Card Payments with CVV

Hello! Let me firstly thank you for your purchase. I will try to make these instructions as
simplistic as possible but it will definitely will be something I'm constantly improving. If you
have any questions please contact me.

Installing the Magento Extension

Precautionary Check

Make sure Magento's "compiler" is disabled. Inside Magento's Admin Panel select System > Tools > Compilation from the menu bar. If you see the line item "Compiler Status" as "Enabled", click the "Disable" button in the top right.

Installation Option #1: Magento Connect Manager (quickest & easiest)

Inside Magento's Admin Panel select System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager from the menu bar. In the section "Direct package file upload" click the Browse button and find the downloaded compressed extension file. Afterward click the Upload button.

Installation Option #2: Manual (only if option #1 doesn't work)

Extract/Decompress the downloaded extension archive to your local machine Connect to your web server (usually through an FTP client).
Transfer the extension files over to your webserver Copy the folder named "EsteSolutions" (under /app/code/community/) to your web server under the community folder at the same location.
Copy the file named "EsteSolutions_ManualCCPayment.xml" (under /app/etc/modules/) to your webserver under the modules folder at the same location.
Refresh your cache at System > Cache Management, especially the 'config' cache


To display credit card cvv numbers you must first activate it your admin. This will display the cvv input text box on the checkout process and make any cvv numbers entered appear on the order details page in your admin.

Log into Magento's Admin Panel
From the menu bar select System > Configuration
From the left side select Payment Methods
Under Saved CC switch the Request Card Security Code drop-down list to Yes. Click Save Config


Please note only the cvv numbers of orders places after enabling the module will be able to be viewed.

Place a new order using the Saved CC payment method.
Log into Magento's Admin Panel and view the newly placed order payment details ... and be WOWed!!!



To see your customer's credit card cvv numbers you must have Request Card Security Code enabled in your admin. (see installation instructions)
Only the cvv numbers of orders placed after enabling the module with customer information you have NEVER used before will be able to be viewed.

Clear Your Caches Again

The caches (especially the 'config' cache) MUST be cleared for the extension to work.

This is done through your admin section at System>Cache Management. Click the top right two buttons on the page as well as clicking "Select All" and changing the Action dropdown to 'Refresh' and clicking on 'Submit'.

View the Debugging Page

Visit the testing webpage. Cick the "Debug" link inside your Magento Admin at System > Configuration > Saved CC.
If you see the line "Test #5: Does the ccv column exist? .... FALSE" then the database column didn't get created properly and you need to follow the below steps
FTP into your server and go to the directory "/app/code/community/EsteSolutions/ManualCCPayment/sql/estesolutions_manualccpayment_setup". Chances are there is a directory in there named "mysql4-install-0.1.0.php". This should of been set as a file and not a directory. Delete it and replace it with the .sql file from the following link: mysql4-install-0.1.0.php. Make sure to rename it and remove the ".txt" ending.
Clear all your caches
Now go to your database and delete the single record where code="estesolutions_manualccpayment_setup" from the table "core_resource".
Go back into Magento admin and clear all your caches.
Run the debug page and see if "Does the ccv column exist?" is now TRUE. If so run a test transaction with customer information you have NEVER used before and see if it's fixed.

WIPE Button Not Showing

If the CVV is showing up correctly but you are not seeing the "Wipe" button on the top right menu of the Sales > Order page you may have a conflict with the other extension named "Delete Order"

Ways to verify that you have this extension installed:

If you have the button "Delete Order" in the same Sales > Order top right menu where the "Wipe" button should be.
Inside your Magento Admin navigation to System > Configuration > Advanced, check inside the "Disable Modules Output" list if you have the entry "Raveinfosys_Deleteorder".

If you have the "Delete Order" extension installed you could remove it or disable it but if you would like to keep it you must merge the two extensions together. Below are the steps.

Make a backup of the file app/code/community/Raveinfosys/Deleteorder/Block/Adminhtml/Sales/Order/View.php. You can just copy it to the same directory and rename it View_bk.php
Download the new View.php file from the following link: View.txt. Make sure to rename it to View.php, remove the ".txt" ending and add ".php".
Clear your site's caches and you should now be able to see both the "Wipe" & "Delete Order" buttons on the Sales > Order page


If you receive the following error: Fatal error: Class 'EsteSolutions_ManualCCPayment_Model_Mysql4_Setup' not found in /home/xxxx/public_html/includes/src/Mage_Core_Model_Resource_Setup.php

First thing you will need to do is open up the file /app/etc/modules/EsteSolutions_ManualCCPayment.xml and change the linetruetofalse. This will turn off the extension and eliminate the error. This occurs because you have Magento's "compiler" turned on. In my opinion you don't need this compiler 95% of the sites I've worked with don't use it, and it's going to cause more issues than it's worth if you use other community extensions. To turn it off inside your admin navigate to System > Tools > Compilation and hit the "Disable" Button. Afterwards undo the previous changes you did in the EsteSolutions_ManualCCPayment.xml file, refresh your caches and your all good! (If you are adamant on having the compiler on .. you could turn it back on now.)

And Finally

If all the above still doesn't make the cvv show up in newly placed orders please contact me with the results from the testing webpage.